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WhatsApp: Anne Heleen Bijl (06-50281760)

If you need expertise for new projects, send a request by clicking here, or send your message using the form below

CoC number: 60034963
RSIN/tax number: 853740367

Contact information:
Geert Kamps
Schoollaan 32, 9761 AB Eelde
Statutory seat: Municipality of De Wolden

Application form expertise for new projects

You can submit an application to use F&G Foundation's expertise for your request using the form below. After filling out the information in the below form and reading the preconditions for an application, you can send the form. We will contact you within 4 weeks.

By clicking on send, you indicate that you have taken note of the preconditions for submitting an application to the Flow & Go Foundation.


What we want to solve

The Flow and Go Foundation does not solve social issues itself but helps small organisations and (starting) social entrepreneurial groups on several continents that do so on a structural basis.

How we achieve our goal

The Flow and Go Foundation can support these organisations and social entrepreneurial groups for a longer period of time using the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs and trainers. We use funds that are passively and actively raised through fundraising and the donation button on our website.

Condition for requests

For a transcontinental request for support, please use the contact form above to contact the Flow and Go Foundation if the request is aimed at (starting) social entrepreneurial groups and/or projects that want to solve local social issues.

If your application complies with one or more of the following points, you may submit an application: is it an issue-driven project? Is expert status required (knowledge, skills and experience)? Does the project grow in phases with the client? Does it concern sustainable commitment to development? Will the applicant continue to be involved in the application?

We will inform you within 4 weeks if we can help you and your project or for any additional questions we may have.