Imago Dei is a local, registered welfare organisation that is involved in some 90 projects with people and groups living in disadvantaged situations in Namibia.

The Flow & Go Foundation has collaborated with Imago Dei in various activities/projects in 2016 and 2017. We have committed to strengthening the collaboration between Imago Dei and the Universities of Windhoek, allowing students in different local communities to engage in research and internships for projects in the township of Katatura.

Parts of this project include:

  • Meetings, training sessions and a seminar for project leaders of Imago Dei projects in the township of Katatura, with the aim of enabling them to work more effectively and creatively towards the desired results. The common thread in this project: the talents and resources already present.
  • Strengthening the Women at Work organisation, one of the initiatives supported by Imago Dei.

The goal is to enable the organisation to get a number of women into work and out of poverty in a sustainable way.

-Training a group of women that are part of the target group of the Women at Work project. We offered training sessions that covered entrepreneurship, creative thinking for start-ups, systemic thinking and role-playing – which was hilarious at times – and provided inspiring insights.

– Building a bridge and establishing contact between the University of Windhoek and Hanze University of Applied Sciences for student exchange and internships.